Bell Power releases Yanmar Marine Gen Set


Power News

Volume 1, Issue 1
November 2008
Bell Power releases Yanmar Marine Gen Set

Standard Equipment:

• Yanmar Marinized Engine
• Heat Exchanger
• Air Cleaner
• Water Cooled Exhaust
• Belt Driven Sea Water Pump
• Marelli® Single Phase 12
wire Reconnectable
• Engine Control Panel with
• Belt Guard
• Skid Base

Optional Equipment:

• Drip Pan
• Custom Panels
• Circuit Breaker
• Marathon, Mec Alte

Yanmar is pleased to introduce its latest new product

The SeaWhale, a Yanmar powered marine generator is designed and built for reliability, ease of maintenance (one side service) and innovative technology to meet and exceed current emissions.

Our new SeaWhale comes in two unique sizes to meet your power needs. So when it’s necessary to supply electricity on your boat whether it’s to make ice for your martini or you need ice to keep your catch cold think of The SeaWhale.

Our injector nozzle angle prevents uneven fuel atomization resulting in:

• Noise reduction
• Improved fuel efficiency
• Startability
• Mechanically controlled 4 valve
head design
• New combustion chamber for
emissions and fuel improvement
• New stiff block design for noise
• Application Engineered
• International parts & service support
• Compact and Light Weight
• Long Engine Life

When you need dependability and a great service network, think of The SeaWhale.




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