'Deadliest Catch': Wizard Capt. Keith Colburn loving Deere at the 42nd Annual Maine Fishermen's Forum

The Maine Fishermen's Forum took place on March 3rd, 4th and 5th in Rockport, Maine.  The Bell Power Systems Marine Sales Team was in full attendance as always with a large booth highlighting their recent marine applications.  They were surprised by a visit from Captain Keith Colburn of the series the "Deadliest Catch."  The Captain thrilled the Deere team to learn of his recent replacement of a competitor's generator engine with a Deere 13.5L Set.  He said two of Deere's major competitors "just didn’t have the right package, and the Deere runs great!"

For more information on John Deere Marine applications, please contact Rich McGovern or Liz Praskievicz: Rich.mcgovern@bellpower.com and liz.praskievicz@bellpower.com; or call us at 800-225-8669.

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