Bell Power Systems continues to operate in the face of COVID-19

Bell Power Systems continues to operate in the face of COVID-19 as an essential business under the United States Department of Homeland Security 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors - Critical Manufacturing Sector. As the coronavirus COVID-19 situation evolves, we are committed to keeping you informed about Bell Power Systems’ actions to safeguard employees while maintaining operations in order to support our dealers and customers and their livelihoods. Should you experience any difficulty contacting us through our normal phone number 1-800-225-8669 during these socially distanced times, you may also reach us at: or directly contact any of our team members: We hope you are taking the necessary precautions to help ensure your own health and safety and that of your loved ones, and are here to support you now and in our promising future.

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6135SFM85 Propulsion Engines sale to Marine Dealer Ampro Shipyard & Diesel in support of US Federal Reserve Fleet

Ampro Shipyard & Diesel, a John Deere Marine Dealer out of Kilmarnock VA, purchased a pair of 6135SFM85 Propulsion Engines for sale to Severn River Marine (an Epic Company).  Severn sold the engines to James River Fleet, making them the latest Deere engines purchased by the US Federal Reserve Fleet.  

The National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) consists of "mothballed" ship mostly.  NDRF vessels are at the fleet sites at James River, Virginia.


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