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PowerSource: Serving a Slice of the Big Apple

New York Cruise Lines has offered marine-based tourism, transportation, dining and entertainment since 1945. Every year, their sightseeing vessels accommodate 1.2 million guests from around the globe — featuring some of New York City’s most popular waterfront destinations and attractions.

Why John Deere?

That’s why when it came time to replace WWII-era ships with new, modern vessels in their Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises fleet, New York Cruise Lines picked John Deere marine generator drive engines, with low vibration and noise, to supply power to the lighting and sound system aboard their newly built vessels — the key to providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride for customers. “The tour guides always put great detail into what they say,” said port captain Mike Duffy, “and with the John Deere-powered generator sets, we don’t have to worry about the commentary not being heard.” The new Circle Line ships give passengers a safe and memorable boating experience; and reliable, easy to maintain engines for a very demanding industry schedule.

Electrical demands on the World Yacht charters can be even greater since the dinner cruise yachts have fully equipped kitchens. “If we don’t have a reliable gen-set, that’s catastrophic for us. Having to cancel an event the day of would put us out of business. So the reliability of our engines is 100% key,” said Bill Jette, vice president of marine operations and facilities. The crew also finds the John Deere marine engines easy to service, and attribute this to a simple, clean engine design.

New York Cruise Lines also finds it easy to work with their John Deere engine distributor, Bell Power Systems. Fostering a close relationship with Rich McGovern, engine representative for Bell Power Systems, they value having the ability to speak to someone they know and trust on the other end of the phone. That kind of service is crucial for a high-demand business like New York Cruise Lines.

John Deere marine generator drive engines deliver on all the onboard demands for the sightseeing and dinner cruise vessels, while John Deere propulsion engines keep the New York Water Taxi catamarans running on time. From quiet and reliable generator drive engines, to powerful and fuel-efficient propulsion engines — backed by accessible support and available parts — John Deere does it all.

Now that’s power in a New York minute.

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